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Order Sweet Tooth buds online.Sweet Tooth buds are green and turn purple when the time of harvest comes .The buds are dense and covered by numerous trichomes and looks sugar coated .Sweet Tooth has a sweet smell of flowers and berries that accompanies it.It provides uplifting and euphoric effects that are great for fighting stress and headache,body and mind relaxation and sleep.Uplifts mood, prompts giggles,alleviates stress and depression,helps with pain,gastrointestinal symptoms and nausea.Sweet Tooth may cause paranoia .Go ahead and try this cannabis strain today.



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Sweet tooth cannabis strain is a a heavy indica dominant hybrid strain with a parentage of Afghani and Hawaiian and Nepali.This hybrid strain will rock you to sleep in no time This Canadian strain is a true reflection of its name.Sweet tooth is a winner of 2001 High Times cannabis cup.This hybrid strain can be easily grown both indoors and outdoors and takes 40 to 55 days to flower.This strain is simply a beauty.Sweet tooth Canadian strain sports highly sweet aroma and flavor,a treat for the senses.


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1 pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 pound, 1oz


Sweet tooth marijuana strain brings strong mind relaxation and body numbing buzz.uplifts mood and works well against depression,relieves stress ,perfect for appetite,promotes sleep,controls pain and cures insomnia really well.

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  1. juniorf


  2. Estelle

    beautiful strain indeed

  3. Memphis

    what is the thc content like?

  4. whitaker

    this shit got an amazing smell

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