Pink Sunset Kush

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Pink Sunset Kush is an indica dominant hybrid which derived its name from the hybrid strain sunset sherbet.Pink Sunset Kush also comes from parent strains OG Kush and Cherry pie and also has a link with Girls Scout Cookies.Pink Sunset  marijuana strain has an average of 24% THC content .When you look at where this strain came from,that is its parentage,it explains why the strain is known for its floral and fruity aroma,very similar to the taste of sunset sherbet,which is also where Pink Sunset Kush got its name.You can order Pink Sunset Kush online from us for the best donations.Go ahead and buy some Pink Sunset Kush from the UK too.


Pink Sunset Marijuana Strain

Buy Pink Sunset Kush online very cheap.Pink Sunset Kush has a delicious strawberry flavor accompanied with a nutty and earthy smell.The nugs are very distinctive,with a pinkish trichome and a bright orange color .Pink sunset leaves you in a realm of full body relaxation .Recommended to be used after work or just before bed .Pink sunset combats insomnia ,chronic pain and nausea.If you think this is what you need after reading this,you can simply add this strain to your cart for delivery.

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2 reviews for Pink Sunset Kush

  1. Jessica

    i used this for nausea and it is just wonderful the result i got.

  2. sylvia

    perfect for nausea patients

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