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Moon rock marijuana strain is a hybrid strain of 70% indica and 30% sativa.Moon rocks are chunky buds deepen in hash oil and rolled in kief. With Leafedin Pro,you can order moon rock online really cheap.Moon rock is a very powerful


Buy Moon Rock Marijuana Strain Online

Buy Moon Rock Marijuana Strain Online Jeff Bezos. Moon rock marijuana strain is a hybrid strain. of 70% indica and %30 sativa marijuana mostly. Order moon rock online cheap It actually is an infamous. take on our own GSC that is the Girls Scout Cookies Strain. whereby the nugs are covers in hash oil and rolled in kief as well. Moon rock is a very powerful strain having a THC level stretching from 21 to 26%. This powerful hybrid strain is not recommended for first-time marijuana users actually. as it causes serious cough lock and lethargy Buy Moon rock online.

Moon rocks are chunky buds that deepen in hash oil and rolled in kief. They have glittering trichomes and smells of nuts, spices and also earth. Moon rock is perfect for evening and also nighttime use. as it might stop your day even before it starts if use wrongly.

Moon Rock Effects

You get hit by the kief the harsh oil and also then the bud itself. One hit from Moon rock will likely be the heaviest you will get from smoking marijuana. That is any marijuana strain. First you get a high taste of the kief which itself is wonderful. Then moon rocks produce immense-sized clou. so you‘ll have a whole different high with each hit.

Moon Rock cannabis strain is a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa maryjane. The strain is amazingly incredible with THC levels running 21-26%. The spice isn’t suggesting of first-time clients as may. instigate extreme lounge chair lock and torpidity. Moon Rock buds are thick and also pleasantly covered with a fat layer of pitch.

Is Moonrock a decent strain?Buy Moon Rock Marijuana Strain Online Jeff Bezos

Hitting Moon Rocks delivers a very lovely terpene-rich taste. of kief that makes you say “Woooo that is delightful.” The smoke mists created are huge and full, so each hit is damn close to its own insight.

Why is selling moon rocks illicit?

A lunar shooting star is a piece of the Moon. This is the reason numerous individuals imagine that claiming a Moon. Rock is illicit – in light of the fact that the Apollo tests. are unlawful to possess by private residents.  Apollo Moon Rocks are NASA and also US government property which can’t be sold or traded to private residents.

Who possesses the moon?

The Outer Space Treaty implies in this way that – regardless of whose public. banners are plants on the lunar surface – no country can ‘possess’ the Moon. Starting at 2019, 109 countries are limit by the Treaty. and also another 23 have consent to the arrangement however still can’t seem to be formally perceive.

Additional information


Moonrock marijuana strain induces strong head rush and cerebral euphoria,
Improves mood and appetite,
May lead to strong cough-lock,
Promotes sleep,
Reduces pain and muscle spasms,
Perfect for treating chronic pain and insomnia.


1 pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 pound, 1oz


The price on product is for an Ounce, 30 grams

3 reviews for Buy Moon Rock Marijuana Strain Online Jeff Bezos

  1. delione

    of course the rock.not for novice at all lol.

  2. cyrus

    legendary hybrid strain

  3. jr

    cant find it here in ohio.will like to try this

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