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Brass Knuckles Carts is not only one of the most  sought after vape cartridges but also seen as one of the most scarce THC vape cartridge to buy.



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Brass knuckle cartridges. The Brass Knuckles Vape brand was created  in LA.This vape cartridge quickly rose to the top because of  its strong distillate oil and scrumptious terpene blends. The distillate THC oil in Brass knuckles cartridges was more grounded than the various cannabis extricates accessible. Leafedin Pro is a partner of Brass Knuckles OG and is licensed to distribute Brass Knuckles cartridge. This makes us one of the few companies licensed to do so. This makes us one of the most reliable cannabis shop to buy a brass knuckles cartridge for sale.

Can brass knuckles kill you?
Brass knuckles can also be deadly. Hitting someone in the side of the skull with them can produce a fatal blow. They can also leave the victim with permanent brain damage. Brass knuckles are a covert fighting weapon and typically used by people to inflict serious injury to others. Brass knuckle cartridges

What happened to Brass Knuckles cannabis?

A class action lawsuit against vape cartridge manufacturer Brass Knuckles has been filed in California which alleges breach of warranty, false advertising, unfair competition, misbranding, and adulteration of the THC concentrate pens, according to the Cannabis
Is Brass Knuckles a real brand? Brass knuckle cartridges
Authentic Brass Knuckles OG product can ONLY be found in licensed dispensaries in California and more recently Nevada. All of our product is compliant with state regulations in both California and Nevada.
How can you tell if a brass knuckle cart is real? brass knuckle cartridges
How to spot a FAKE Brass Knuckles…. Here are a few RED FLAGS:
  1. Misspellings in strain name or type.
  2. Not in authentic child proof casing.
  3. Does not have California compliant signs on it.
  4. Cartridge does not look like the brass knuckles One gram cart.
  5. Not having the BK Authentic Hologram Sticker on Packaging. brass knuckle cartridges

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  1. Mathew

    will always be my number one vape cartridge brand .unbelievably good.

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