Blackberry Kush

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Blackberry kush marijuana strain is an 80/20 indica dominant hybrid from the parentage of blackberry and afghani strains .Another strain nobody has been able to find out who the breeders are .Blackberry kush has a very unique appeal as it brings you a dark purple bud with some orange hairs .This hybrid strain has strong pine aroma with earth undertone.



Blackberry kush is very dense ,even if it doesn’t have a very high yield .Due to its high potency and strong indica effects ,it is a great weapon to combat situations like pain and inflammation. This hybrid strain is perfect for daytime use as it provides an uplifting cerebral high with a body relaxation to go with it. Beginners should mind their dosage .

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1 pound, 1/2 Pound, 1/4 pound, 1oz

2 reviews for Blackberry Kush

  1. collins

    for old schools like maself ,this is the strain.

  2. HighmanGeneral

    fire nugs .keeps me in a very high spirit

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